Halloween Cauldron

Happy Halloween Clashers…! Hope you are having great fun.!

Halloween Cauldron obstacle

Halloween Cauldron obstacle

So, what is Halloween Cauldron..? If u are a clasher you might be knowing it and if you are newbie in clash of clans and want to know about it then read further. As a clasher you would be knowing about the obstacles which occurs in clash of clans bases and Halloween Cauldron is one of it specially designed for the Halloween event. Its kind of celebration gift from the supercell to thier users or gamers.

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The Halloween Cauldron is sized 2X2 tiles (as per clash square area) and by graphics its a vessel filled with pinkish liquid and set on fire. It is inspired from witch potion maker to give this Halloween a little horror themed spooky look. This Halloween Cauldron obstacle gets placed anywhere on the free area in base but most likely near to the buildings.

Halloween Cauldron obstacle respawning

Halloween Cauldron obstacle respawning

To remove the Halloween Cauldron one requires 25000 elixirs and after removing we get 75000 elixirs thus making gains 50000 elixirs. This obstacle keeps re-spawning usually so if want elixirs then keep removing them or just keep them  as your decorative element in the base. As, the max limit for obstacles in the game is 40. I would prefer you is removing them regularly.

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