Electro Dragon: New Clash of Clans Troop

Electro Dragon: New Clash of Clans Troop

Hey guys welcome the dragon…! As you know clashers coc has always surprised us with different characters, and now it’s the enigmatic “electro dragon”. The blueish badass with glowing horns and Metallic scales. Fierceful beast with electric bolts spitting. The death breath. All this is not enough to describe this monster.

attack with electro dragon

Although the coc info states (Electro Dragon):

“Possessing iron-tough scales and a breath of devastating lightning, the Electro Dragon’s favourite thing is raining destruction from above. When vanquished, the Electro Dragon even pummels the ground with lightning strikes!”
You could just think of it.! Descriptions are not enough to learn this guy.
You cant feel him until you use him in in your game. The coc electro dragon the monster among beasts.

attack result


The castle troops would be jealous of him if they had feelings. The electro Dragon is the last troop of the last barrack. So you might have to work a lot to earn him. But seriously this mayhem monster is worth the hard work.

The electro dragon attack through lightning bolts to the close buildings and has special ability to attack chain bolt on 5 buildings at the similar time. So multiple attacks are possible now. But electro dragon attacks defense troops in priority to buildings in the town hall.

πŸ”ΆΒ Clash of Clans Archer

πŸ”ΆΒ Clash of Clans Barbarian

The glowing spikes are his indicators of an attack, once all the spikes glow the electro dragon spits the bolt. One unique thing about electro dragon is that his appearance stays similar all along the upgrades.

Coming to upgrades so the stats. Following table states electro dragons training, upgrade and level stats.

Level πŸ“ΆDamage per Second πŸ’₯Damage when destroyed πŸ”₯Hitpoints ❀️Training Cost πŸ’°
124050 x 63,20036,000
227055 x 63,70040,000
330060 x 64,20044,000

So clashers.. Go hard and earn this horror.! And Let us Know the experience of playing this electric hazard.

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