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Download Clash of Clans Mod APK

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Written by Nimesh

If you are looking for the Clash of Clan Mod apk, then let me tell you that you have come to the right place.

Friends, we know that getting a level up in Clash of Clans is the time-consuming process. And for that, we need a lot of resources too. But the lower production rate of resources makes the situations even tougher.

But when we install the Coc Mod apk, all things get change. In a mod version of clash of clans, We have unlimited resources, We don’t have to wait to update anything and many more.

In this post, I will explain all the things, that you should know about the clash of clans mod. So read this article carefully until the end.

download coc mod apk for better army

Why should we download Coc mod apk?

When this question comes to mind, everyone has the same answer- “to get unlimited gems, gold and elixir”. but let me tell you guys, other than this, there are much more interesting things in coc mod.

let me quickly listed down these for you:

We have unlimited gems, gold elixir and dark elixir, etc.

We have 10 times more capacity of the Army than the original one.

We can make our own new troop, that can be very powerful and can have a special ability.

In a clash of clans hack apk, we do not have to wait much as everything has the upgrade waiting time of 1 second only.

And many more…..

What extra we have in Clash of Clans mod apk?

Along with everything from the original clash of clans we have lot more cool things in moded coc. Those are:

They have clan wars in which we can use our custom army.

They are come up with town hall 12 concept, which is not available in original clash of clans game. We can enjoy it by downloading Coc mod apk only.

You remember boat that we use to connects our home village with the builder base. They replaced it with an awesome submarine.

coc mod submarine

Clash of clans mod apk features:

  • No more waiting, instantly build your own village buildings or upgrade them to next level.
  • Unlimited gems, golds, elixirs, and dark elixirs, etc.
  • 10 times larger army capacity than the original one.
  • Town hall 12 available to upgrade with new features.
  • Travel with submarine between your home village to builder base.
  • Unlock unique troops like supper pekka and dropship.
  • Do attack with countless combinations of spells, troops, and Heroes!

Minimum system requirements to install coc mod apk

  • At least 512mb of RAM
  • Minimum 200 MB of free internal memory
  • An android device should be running on at least Android OS 2.3 or Above

coc mod apk building

Do we need to root our device to install this mod apk?

The answer is no, we don’t need to root our device to install this mod apk.

As it is a mod apk many people think that they need to root their Android device to install it. But guys this is not true, this coc mod apk does not require root privilege to work. So it can be get install on non-rooted devices with no issue.

Take care of these things before even download Coc mod apk:

We need an internet connection with good speed. So make sure that you have a working internet connection.

On any Android device, third-party app installation is blocked by default. So you need to enable it. To do so, go to settings > security > Unknown Sources. And then tap on it to enable it.

enable unknown sources

Sometimes, some antivirus treats mod apks as malware. So if you have any antivirus installed on your device, then don’t forget to disable it.

Before installing coc mod apk don’t forget to uninstall original clash of clans game. If supercell found that you are using a moded version of their game then they can ban you over your action.

Download SuperCell Magic Font

Unbeatable Builder Hall 5 Base Layouts

Download Clash of clans mod apk totally virus free:

Friends, you already know that we can’t download the mod apks from Google Play Store. It is against Google policies. But there are a lot of places, where we can download mod apks for free. Our website is also one of them.

From here you can Download coc mod apk app with a just single click. No survey and no redirection, only unlimited fun.

As the coc get so many updates, we also need to update coc mod apk too. so make sure that you have download updated version of it, else it will not work for you. 

clash of clans mod apk defence

Step by step guide on “How to install coc mod apk?”

Offcource, to install clash of clans mod apk, first you have to download it. Download clash of clans mod apk from this blog.

  1. Then locate the downloaded apk file and tap on it to start the installation process.
  2. As this app requires lots of permissions, so grant all required access. Don’t worry, they don’t have time to steal your information.
  3. Once you grant all require access permissions to this app then, the installation process will begin and it will take a few minutes to complete.
  4. After installation, we will need to sign in with our existing accounts or we can always sign up for a new one.
  5. That’s it, we have install coc mod successfully. Now launch clash of clans mod and start enjoying the unlimited gaming experience.

So simple……


We are not original developers of this clash of clans mod. We kept this apk here for promotional purposes only. All credits goes to its original developers. And we should appreciate them for developing such great apk.

About the author


Nimesh has been playing Clash of Clan game for the past 5 years. Erlier, he was die hard fan of the age of empires game. Nimesh still plays clash of clans game for 5 or 6 hours a day. In that time, he likes to design new base layouts and love to develop and test new attacking strategies for his clash of clans village. In free time, he loves to ride his bike and like to play cricket with his friends.


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