Christmas Tree a Special Obstacle of Clash of Clans

Merry Christmas Clashers..! And a Very Happy New Year..!
Here we are again in these winter holidays. Hope you are enjoying holidays. Holidays means more time for fun and enjoy and for clashers its a long time for playing coc at its best and most importantly its a season for surprises from supercell. Yipeee….! So its time for our clan games and special obstacles and extra earnings…!

coc christmas tree preview
coc christmas tree preview

Now, lets get to our topic. So what is Xmas Tree obstacle ? And the answer is its a basic Christmas obstacle which appears every year in clash of clans game just like Hallween Cauldron. Its appearance is usually differs from year to year and this year 2017-2018 christmas and new year season its a snow covered icy pine tree. This obstacle is of 2×2 tile size as per coc area size and appears timely during this season. Its gets started from 5 days before Christmas and ends 5 days after new year.
Technical details for xmas tree is that its removal cost is 25000 gold and we get get 75000 removal prize so basically its 50000 gold profit obstacle. Its removal timing is 30 second.It keeps appearing on the free areas and mostly on the boundaries of our coc base. Virtually it is normal tree with snow on it.
If you want such more xmas trees then avoid removing then as they respawn after a specific time period.
Hope you liked our article and keep coming back for more information here.
And once again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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