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Want to know about treasury? Here we are then with all your answers and information you want about the clash of clan treasury. First of all, as we know, the treasury is the place where the treasure is stored. So, next is what does we actually store in it. It contains three sections separately for three aspects for three different type of clash of clan treasure. Mainly it contains “Elixir” and “Gold” further we get “Dark Elixir”, it comes later in the play. Now, let’s see few facts and information about the clash of clans treasury.

clash of clans treasury
clash of clans treasury

The bonus loot from Clan Wars and Star Bonuses remains safe in the Treasury. The capacity of Treasury is determined by Town Hall and Clan Perks levels. By tapping on the treasury, you can view the loot and bonus gained by you also you can collect the stored loot. The stored loot will be moved to their specific storage. This is non-reversible action once done cannot be reverted.

The safest place to save up bonus loot until you are ready to spend it is treasury unless the resources in your storage are already full and over the capacity. If an attacker completely destroys your Clan Castle only 3% of loot stored in the Treasury will be stolen.
The player earns 5 stars in multiplayer battles that earn you a loot bonus every day. The loot star bonus is stored in the Treasury. A substantial amount of loot can be earned each day by completing the five stars in battle. It will give you a certain amount of resources depending on your league.

Sometimes you can see a red icon floating over your clan castle.That indicates your treasury storage is full, no more space for war win bonus and daily star bonus.To store newly earn resources in the treasury, first, you need to transfer treasury resources to you primary storage. If you don’t move your treasury resources to your primary storage then all newly earned bonus get waste.So we highly recommend you that you should collect your treasury resources after every clan war.

As treasury in clash of clans is the safest storage, so keeping resources in treasury will save more resources than primary storage during an attack.

clash of clans treasury full
clash of clans treasury full

COC Treasury Resouces Capacity

Town HallGoldElixirDark Elixir

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