Clash of Clans Gem Box

Hello, guys welcome back to COCempire as our heading suggests we are going to discuss about gem box in Clash of clans. COC Gem Box is a special obstruction which was introduced in COC on April 9, 2014.

clash of clans gem box

Clash Of Clans gem box will require a space of 2×2 tile so we request you not to fill your base with unnecessary decoratives. Gembox requires an amount of 1000 Elixir which is not a big sum after you upgrade your town hall to level 5, it also requires a nominal time of 30 sec time to be removed. COC gem box serves as dual purposes as it also gives you 25 gems and 5 XP.

How to get gem box faster?

You may find videos on YouTube about respawning gem box faster in coc but we firmly believe that this is all nonsense. We all find ways to hack Clash Of Clans gem box as we all aim to unlock 5 builders but always remember that Clash of clans is a game of patience. Why to just decline the fun of this game by hacking?

COCempire advises you to remove the gem box as soon as it appears so that it could respawn as earlier as possible. We don’t believe there is any other way to get gem box faster.

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