Clash of Clans Archer

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In this article, we are going to into the insights of the characters of the clash of clan i.e coc archer. As we can understand most of the readers are newbies to COC or just coc enthusiast. We are going to explain the character the clash of clans archer from the roots.

coc archer

Firstly Appearance of Coc Archers:

1. Cute looking little girls with a hood and a bow.
2. The cape and hood are of the violet color that changes in the up-gradation.

These clash of clan archers are second most important troops after barbarians as we get them in the initial level of townhalls and builder hall as well.

Attack of clash of clan archers:

These coc archers are most reliable troops for long-range attacks as they have long shooting range. Thus, they can attack from the long distance and away locations.

As like in our townhall the archers are more stealthy in the builder hall mode as they have cloaking for initial few seconds.
Simply we could say they are invisible to defence in builder hall base.

clash of clans archer

The uprising of Clash of clan archers: COC ARCHER LEVELS

Clash of clan archer levels gets increased at every upgrade. Their training cost is minimal as compared to other troops but increases with an upgrade. As you can see from the table below that coc archer level increases its training cost and time increases, its strength increases and its attack power increases.

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LevelDamage Per AttackHitpointsTraining CostResearch CostLaboratory Level RequiredResearch Time
29238050,000112 Hours
31228120250,00032 Days
41633200750,00053 Days
520403002,250,00065 Days
622444006,000,000710 Days
725485007,500,000812 Days

So, we have seen the story of the archer by far. And you may have got the idea about the clash of clan archer in sufficiency.
See until next time with new character of clash of clan.
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