Best TH9 Farming Base Layouts | Updated 2018 | 100% Resources Protectors

Best TH9 Farming Base Layouts | Updated 2018 | 100% Resources Protectors

Fellow Clashers! In today’s article, we gonna present you with the most amazing and latest th9 farming base layouts. We are very certain that these Top 10 Best Th9 farming bases gonna blow your mind.

Our experts have selected these latest th9 farming bases on the basis of max defense and offense layout. All these layouts are trusted and tested in the field many times. So you don’t have to think twice before relying on these th9 farming layouts.

As you can see, below are some precious farming base layouts only for Townhall 9:

Top 10 Best TH9 Farming Base Layouts:

Best Th9 farming base Anti-Giants.

This layout is one of its kind! As we can see in this layout are essential and most important resources are kept inside the base, surrounded by walls with archer tower, air sweepers, cannons and mortars besides them. This makes the base completely Giants proof as because of the cannon and mortar placements.

th9 farming base

Also, the Gold Storage and Elixir Storage are protected by wizard tower and air defenses, so no one can invade the base through air attacks. This makes this th9 farming base layout kind of invincible!

Latest Th9 farming base.

This Th9 design looks pretty impressive ’cause as we see, the less important buildings are placed outside the defense wall, reducing the enemy’s time to enter the base. While an enemy is destroying these buildings, the long-range and powerful Archer towers, Wizard tower, Air defense and other offenses will take care of them.

town hall 9 farming base

If your enemy initiates air attacks then the Air sweeper, X-Bows, Air defenses and other defense towers will make sure to kill them in the middle of the air. So now your base is safe from both Air and Ground.

Best Th9 farming base Anti-Loot

This is a special Th9 farming base design. We call this design “The Arachnid”, as you can see from its structure. In this, the Elixr and Gold storage are kept safe in different sections surrounded by walls with Mortor, Air defense, and archer towers. Also, the ground troops will have to face the hidden traps and cannons before destroying the walls.

best th9 farming base

If by any chance, any of the troops enter inside the base then before destroying the Townhall, the hidden tesla, skeleton traps, X-Bows, etc are there to protect the Townhall and other resources such as the Gold storage and Elixr Storage.

Top Th9 farming base layout Anti Three Stars.

This Design is also known as “Iron Bird”. As the walls are upgraded in a bird formation. Starting from outside, surrounded with walls and long range weaponary like the archer tower, long range ground based mortars and cannons this base is almost unbreakable.

th9 farming base 2018

The townhall is protected by barbarian king and queen, thus reducing chances for three stars. In other sections, gold and elixr are enemies proofed with the wizard towers, teslas, and traps. Thats why, this is an ideal anti three star th9 farming base.

All th9 farming bases anti everything.

With highly upgraded walls, wizard tower, archer tower, hidden teslas, cannons and mortors in all directions, no one will ever dare to attack your base as shown in the Th9 image below. This base is mostly air proof then ground. As we can see, the air sweeper, air defense, and X-bows are built and placed in all direction surrounding the base and townhall.

th9 farming base anti everything

If thereas ever any special air attacks then this Top best Th9 farming base layout will prove to be the most promising. And there is no need to worry from ground troops as the king, queen, mortar, and cannons are capable to defend the boundaries. They prove to be fatal for ground troops.

In this layout, the buildings and resources are placed in such a way that it decreases area for an enemy to deploy their troops. But there is a little more space at the left and right corner only whereas there are long range mortar, cannons, and towers. Therefore, imagine what this placement of buildings and weapons will do to giants and goblins.

best town hall 9 farming base

From above this base is kind of anti giant and ground defensive. This base reduces the time and protects resources from an enemy from both air and ground. Thus its an ideal for both anti three stars and anti giant.

New th9 farming base anti goblins.

We all know that the goblins first go for the gold. So this design is specially made for anti goblin strategy. Some of the gold storage is placed outside the base but inside the wall. Thus during a raid without giving a second thought, an enemy will deploy the goblins nearby the walls.

coc th9 farming base

This will become his biggest mistake cause of the long-range, fatal and powerful mortar, cannon and archer tower placed beside these gold storage. This will take a good care of the nasty and greedy little goblins. Therefore this th9 farming base layout is known as for anti goblins

New Th9 farming base anti giants/goblins/air attacks.

We call this New Th9 farming base layout as The Maze. The arrangement and placement of the wall is kind of puzzling. With nowhere to go the enemy troops will be killed one by one by the base defense. If by any luck the enemy troop reaches towards the center then the king and queen will greet him with great pleasure. Thus this base layout is giants and goblins proof.

coc town hall 8 farming base

If the enemy tries to launch an air attack then the long range air defense, air sweeper, X-bows, and other long range air defense will hit them down very badly. Thus this makes this design or base layout anti air attacks.

The th9 farming/trophy base layout

This th9 farming base layout is known as the “Shield”. The specialty of this base is that nothing gets in and nothing gets out. Surrounded by cannons, mortors, traps, hence anti ground troops. Equipped with air defense like X-bows, defense towers, air sweepers, etc, hence air attack proof.

th9 farming base designs

As nothing gets in and nothing gets out, makes no sense to lose any of your trophies and resources. That’s why, if you have this design then just take a chill! This base layout is all you need.

New best Th9  farming bases 2018

This pretty base looks simple and at the same time very fatal and dangerous for enemy. The positioning of the buildings looks simple but that’s the trick. The range of the weapons covers the large portion of the area of your base, not knowing to your enemy. The traps are arranged in such an order that the enemy will be fooled for it, very easily.

town hall 9 farming base anti everything

The Archer tower at near outside, air sweeper, X-bows, etc, at the middle and wizard towers, cannons, mortars, at the near middle makes this base invincible from air attacks, ground attacks, spells, and everything. For anti-everything, this base layout is all you need now!

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Final Words:

So Clashers, these are our Top 10 best Th9 farming bases layouts. This article is especially for all Townhall 9  castle holder and for those who are currently on Townhall 8 and going on Townhall 9.

Clashers, we have mentioned all kind of Townhall 9 farming base layouts as above. You can choose any of them according to your choice and taste. All of these bases are tested in the field and can be used without any restrictions. Each one these bases are specially designed according to your needs.

We have mentioned all anti giants, goblins, loots, air attacks, two stars, three stars and everything. So choose wisely what type of base layout you require.

Friends, if you find our article helpful then please comment us below. If you think any of the bases you have known, deserves to be in this list then please comment us below or contact us through our Contact Us page.

Thank You!

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